Greetings Earthlings - the mixtape


Track Name: Intro 40
He's Nphared, I'm in for green/
chiropract to ya back how i bend ya spleen/
im addicted to cash, im a bank addict/
and stay on top of my money just like a banks attic/
if i wasnt invited back i was getting hostile/
thank ryanonamission, like bums at union gospel/
back by popular demand, they wanting more/
i drop 40 like cain in the corner store/
msn spits, like when a glock bell/
fire delivery, you can say i got hotmail/
catchy style so that you remember me/
in heads like tourists at the top of the statue of liberty/
street nigga to da core, ima stay raw/
so when my fist out pound it like a stray dog/
novelist, you a magazine when u write/
you'll get murder dog, flip the last page of ya life/
like a gun to my head, i gotta rap/
NorthWest forever on my back like i gotta tatt/
so ill, you wishing that you heard of me sooner/
flow sick, pockets lump, currensy toomers/
mentally slavin' a whore, pimpin you hatin' the boy/
Usin' my fuckin flow without permission rapin' the boy/(no homo)
sock niggas, dropped niggas, knocked niggas/
scurred(scared) so they steal when my heads turned like shoplifters/
Space, Flop?! find some wood to knock on/
put the heat to ya head just like a hot comb/
sold soap on the block tryna doop fiends/
stopped moving rocks on the block like spoiled hoop dreams/
you got beef with space to the fuckin' man?/
my guns known to pop up like fuckin' spam/
I got goons that's on it, fam/
on the block tryna get change for an exchange of 100 grams/
want rings like smeagle/
Seattle herion flow, inject it with the space needle/
fuck feelings, I put'em to the back/
my hardships make doves cry, crown me the prince of rap/
you can call me for short S-P-A-C-E/
I'm the change to the game, Hip Hop hit a 3/
Track Name: SPACEMAN f./ Drake - Da town