Beyond The Stars

by Spac3man

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"This is a body of work inspired by my life and true events and thoughts. Taking you on a personal journey beyond what you know of Spac3man's famed star image. Even more then enjoying it, I'd like you to connect and understand the man i am."


released August 18, 2013

Songs Mixed by Vitamin D Courtesy of Higher level Studios; All Songs Mastered by P Smoov Courtesy of The Robot Room Studios



all rights reserved
Track Name: Spac3man f/ Sonny Bonoho (Prod by Justo) - 3. She Dont Care f._ Sonny Bonoho (Prod. by Justo)
Chorus x2-
Haven't Seen her face in so long/
to me i think she's so gone/
but she dont even care/
'cause she's never here/

Verse 1-
seems the image, that i'm use to in the morn/
is gone.. you dont even perform/
I stare at yo side of the bed/
then glare at my side of the bed, I'm here/
my eyelids turn to grey clouds/
facial forecast the rain comes down/
I'm witnessing night in the day/
then watch pride's sun come wipe it away/
it's been so long of a while/
my photographic thought of ya smile/
has turned to a frown/
your everything I need, my beautiful noun/
but for now, not one missed call or alert/
picking up any first ring wishing it's her/
time flies laying alone in the beach sand/
I like to call it the hour glass treatment/

Chorus x2

Verse 2-
One minute she's here, one minute she's gone/
some days she's off, some days she's on/
yeah, i'm feeling ran over/
and stuck in this system like gaming controllers/
she killing me softly I'm aiding the crime/
she on my mind like a good rhyme, replayed and rewind/
I love it, but I fear it/
'cause my body feel weak when I'm near it/
my spirit she breaking inside/
with the lack of loyalty, her face never lies/
the truth aint deep in her eyes/
it's shallow, so what she does is never a surprise/
so as we fall to our demise/
hope her cheating flesh dies and her good soul rise/
our story tales of the crypt(Crip), easy to see(C)/
no piru in my blood, but let me be../

Bridge x2-
Go, Stay, Oh Kay, I don't need you anymore/
Once you close that door, It's locked

Chorus x2